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app overview

Mobile Apps that enhance your business

Whatever your business, we'll professionally design and build a mobile app to maximise and support your business goals.

Push NotificationsSend Unlimited messages to your customers

Schedule messages directly to individual customers or target app users by location.

Loyalty ProgramIncentivise loyalty and increase sales

Provide rewards and discounts to loyal customers and encourage repeat business with in-App stamp cards, vouchers and more!

Food OrderingPerfect for Takeaways & Restaurants.

Allow customers to order on the go, placing orders from your mobile app and watch your sales increase.

M-CommerceSecure Paypal Checkout

Sell products directly through your mobile app with our complete m-commerce solution for retailers.

Media GalleryDisplay images, music and videos

Upload images, stream music or create a video directly to promote your business.

BookingBook & Pay

Maximize your working day


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Why Mobile?

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3 Good Reasons:

1)Connect with your customers instantly

This can be used to advertise & promote existing & new products and services, free appointment slots, or just inviting your customers to pop in. “90% of Push Notifications are read within 3 minutes”

2)Incentivise & Build Loyalty

Incentivise your customers to use your service over a competitor, rewarding their loyalty, increasing repeat business and building a long-lasting relationship and loyal customer base.

3)An Extra Shop Window & Market Place

Promote your business where your customers spend most of their time, creating a new shop window and accessing a new market place which was until now underutilised.

Key Facts:

“91% of Adults have their Smart Phone within arms Reach 24/7”
“75% of Adults make purchases on their Smart Phones”
“97% of Push Notifications are Read”


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Push Notifications & CRM

Instantly connect with your customers.

Communicate and manage your App users with our Messaging and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services.

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Push Messaging

Send Unlimited Messages

The most effective ways to communicate with your customers

  • Send Unlimited Messages
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Scheduling
  • Audience Targeting
  • Cost Effective
  • 97% Read Rate
  • Improve App Usage


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App Examples

Scroll through to view just a small selection of our business app examples.

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Need a mobile app for your business? We are Cambridge UK based App designers developing affordable apps for businesses, helping organisations promote and market on Apple & Google Play App stores.

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Telephone & Broadband

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Gas & Electric

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Payment & Merchant

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Advertise on Mobile

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Advertise your business on mobile. We have clients with business apps near you who are looking for advertisements contact our team to discuss advertising opportunities with listing available from £5.00 per month.

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Sign Up

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“For a FREE Demo App for your business, Advertise on Mobile or any question or enquiry just contact us via our form below, a member of the team will be in touch shortly”

Appago Apps Limited

Suite 48
23 King Street
CB1 1 AH

Sales & Support:

08444 10 08 08

Company Registered in England & Wales:


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Download our Appago CRM to view your Free Demo App and for App owners to access your apps!

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